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Welcome to RS Marine Group. We design, manufacture and distribute boats (leisure, racing and commercial). Our products are enjoyed worldwide by individuals, sailing schools, race teams, and businesses.

RS Marine Group includes RS Sailing, RS Electric Boats, Cheetah Marine and Ocean Play. The group makes over 35 boats, including the distinctive RS Aero, RS Feva, Pulse 63, Cheetah Catamarans, and the classic Pico, among others.

Our key drivers include sustainability, accessibility and world-class products.

We pride ourselves on retaining our small-business personal style while delivering our world-leading sustainable strategies.

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RS Sailing was born from a passion to use the latest design and technology to create inspiring boats. Evolving from their heritage in flat-out racing classes, RS Sailing’s range has grown over the last three decades to make modern, durable and fun dinghies, keelboats and catamarans. Their boats have been developed to move the game forward for racers, beginners, families, clubs and schools.

RS Sailing are proud to have built some of the most vibrant class communities, to have been chosen by leading organisations globally, to have hosted world-class events and to have a global dealer network that are as passionate about the future of sailing. But most importantly, from their humble beginning, they have grown to become the world’s largest small sailboat brand – #sailitliveitloveit.

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RS Electric Boats was initially created to develop an electric RIB for sailing schools and events. After the success of the Pulse 63, with its first fully integrated electric drive, the company is now developing its range of commercial and leisure electric boats.

RS Electric Boats’ Pulse 63 is already known for its rugged spacious designs, ease of manoeuvring, practical natures and innovative credentials.

The commercially focused Pulse 63 is specifically designed for law enforcement, border protection, security, and marinas. It is available in leisure and superyacht configurations for private boat owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Cheetah Marine has been designing and building custom power catamarans since 1989 on the Isle of Wight and, more recently, in Portugal. Fishermen, patrols, police, hydrographic survey, charter companies and more use the catamarans. They’re specifically designed to combat rough weather with outstanding stability.

In 2022, RS Marine Group developed an EV-ready Cheetah Adventure prototype catamaran, which offers stable spacious comfort, side access and roof rack storage to families who want to open up access to coastlines and take all their kit with them.

Ocean Play White Logo

Ocean Play manufactures and distributes Picos, Bugs, Bahias and Vagos (from Roto, Slovenia) as well as offering worldwide customer services.

In 2022, elements of the four sailing school classic designs were updated, ready for customers in the UK and overseas who are seeking to replace their favourite classics.

Ocean Play was founded in 2022 after Jo Richards (designer of the four boats) approached RS to take up the production challenge.

Our Story

Over the Years


RS Racing Sailboats born

RS Sailboats start trading as RS, selling boats, sails, trailers, clothing and spares for sailing.


London Dinghy Centre born

H.Taylor & Son (Brockley) Ltd start trading as LDC (London Dinghy Centre) Sailing when Howard Taylor opens a chandlery selling sailing dinghies, parts and clothing.


First cheetah built

Sean Strevens designs and builds the first Cheetah Catamaran. Sean’s design incorporates everything needed to launch and recover from the shore in a swell.


Cheetah Marine LTD Founded

Cheetah Marine begins producing catamarans with a small team of highly skilled GRP boat building specialists.


LDC Sailboat brand idea

Martin Wadhams and Nick Peters, at LDC’s helm, have the idea to create a sailboat brand.


RS Racing born

RS Racing (still known as RS) is born when the RS400 & RS600 are launched at the London Boat Show, bringing modern, high performance designs to the mainstream.


RS Sailing Born

RS Racing becomes RS Sailing (still known as RS) with the first polyethylene boat in the range, the RS Feva, designed for training and recreational sailing as well as racing. The international RS dealer network begins to be built.


RS Sailing Store Expands

RS Sailing Store expands as a chandlery and offers spare and repairs for all RS Sailing boats.


New CEOs for RS Sailing

Jon Partridge and Alex Newton Southon step up to CEOs with ambitious plans for expansion.


RS Electric Boats born

RS Electric Boats unveils the Pulse 58, a fully electric, sustainable RIB.


Pulse 63 launched

Extensive R&D and testing lead to the even more efficient Pulse 63.


Cheetah Partnership

RS and Cheetah Marine become partners. Both businesses know they can share knowledge, skills and resources to achieve mutual ambitions.


ocean play born

RS takes on the production of Pico, Bahia, Bug and Vago sailing dinghies under the Ocean Play brand.


RS Marine Group born

RS Marine Group launches in late 2022 following continued expansion and collaborations of RS Sailing, RS Electric Boats, Cheetah Marine and Ocean Play.



We’ve been building world-class products since 1989, creating innovative designs that reflect our customer’s sense of adventure and performance requirements. Latterly we’ve focused on the need to protect the environment in every way we can.

Our guiding principle – of using the latest design and technology to make higher performance available to everyone – infuses every decision we make. And that’s why we win awards, retain customers for decades and are known for making fun, practical, world-class boats.

We are doing everything we can to help lead the marine world towards sustainability. This is reflected in our product choices, material choices, manufacturing choices and distribution choices.

We’ve gone electric with the Pulse 63, offering the world a viable alternative to fossil-fueled RIBs. We’re making Cheetah Marine designs EV-ready so that when the electric power matches the demands of – for example – the North Sea, it’s a straightforward switch.

Within RS Sailing, we use eco-friendly construction (like bio-derived resins and recycled core materials on the RS21). Plus, the boat’s been designed to stack in containers meaning six 21-foot boats can be transported in a 40-foot container, saving transport costs – and emissions.

We know where we want to be, and we’re getting there.





We believe everyone can enjoy the water. This is why we are passionate about making boating accessible. RS Sailing launched the RS Venture Connect SCS in 2011. The SCS model was specifically designed to make sailing and racing accessible to almost everyone. The boats’ design is straightforward, with plug and play options (including sip/puff electronic controls) so that the boat can be configured for most disabilities.

Cheetah Marine has long been WetWheels Foundation’s chosen boat builder. The Wetwheels Foundation was established in 2011 in the Solent, UK. The charity is all about barrier-free boating and provides the opportunity for all disabled people, including those with profound and complex disabilities, the opportunity to take to the sea onboard purpose-built, fully accessible powerboats.

How RS Marine Group works

Recognising skills and developing synergies are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that together we are better, and this has been reflected in the working practices at RS over the decades.

The Group is constantly finding new and exciting ways of sharing resources such as design, knowledge, industry experience, and streamlining production to further our ambitions for high-performance, sustainable, accessible and fun boats.

Diverse opinions, challenges and solutions lead our innovation strategies. The discussion – led primarily by our sailing community from across all the businesses – feeds the ethos of the group’s continuous evolution.


RS Sailing grew through its inclusive culture, not only by producing world-leading dinghies but also through its extensive programme of events focused on competition and fun. The explosive growth of the RS community was built on the love of the RS products, great time on the water, and the celebrations around the events, which continues to this day.

This culture and family-like atmosphere continues throughout the RS Marine Group in everything we do. The world-class products are only made possible by our growing world-class team and, of course, by you, our customers and supporters.

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